Specializing in over 36 languages, Global Village Translations has a team of over 150 language translators based in Australia and throughout our affiliated offices (China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand) and London (head office).Global Village Translations employs the best people in the industry to do the best language translation job. Apart from holding formal qualifications, in the more popular languages and dialects, our language translators are at least at NAATI professional language translator level. Our managers are ‘hands on’ ensuring a high standard of care and production at all times. This is the key to our foreign language translation success. NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters) accredited translators and interpreters, software engineers, desktop publishers, graphic designers and an outstanding project management team are all at your service.


Darko Tausan

The original founder of translation company – Pacific Rim Translations 25 years ago, Darko has a significant track record in linguistic management. He is considered to be the forerunner of the Computer Assisted Translations systems in Australia. He has developed the content management concept in Australia that allows efficient database retrieval for large foreign language translation projects.

Help increase your sales and bargaining position with your clients and suppliers by communicating in a language they understand best – their language.

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